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Century Strad, Asian 4/4. This is a quality violin from the Century Strings workshop. Tight-grained top and pretty patterning on back. It delivers in a warm, sonorous voice. An outstanding fiddle for the price and perfect for the advancing student. $795 w/case.

centstrad frontcentstrad backcentstradscroll

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Fritz Otto Kaiser, 1974, German 4/4. Higher arching more toward an Amati. Easy to play and has a well- balanced sound. In good condition with minor playing wear. $875

kaiser frontkaiser back

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Medio Fino, circa 1885, French 4/4. This violin comes from the legendary Jerome Thibouville Lamy workshop in Mirecourt. It is the simplest violin of the JTL line but don't let that fool you. I find Medio Finos are consistently among the best sounding of this maker's fiddles. This one has a deep, seasoned voice and a clear high end. A great opportunity to own a French violin at a very reasonable price. Some playing wear. Minor top repairs. $895

medio frontmedio backmedio scroll

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Liu Xi, Shanghai 4/4. This is a high-end Asian workshop violin that is handmade -- and absolutely beautiful. All appointments are there, from the finely tooled scroll to the properly graduated top and luxurious finish. Killer curly maple on back, neck and sides! Sings in a darker tone, with plenty of response. $975 w/case.


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Martini Augusto 4/4. A beautiful, hand-varnished instrument with a handsome one-piece back and boxwood fittings. Guarneri pattern. Full and even tone through all registers. Nice angiquing. Minor playing wear. $1,150

augustofrontaugusto backaugusto scroll

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Eduard Reichert, 1910, German 4/4. Reichert violins were made in Saxony and deliver some of the best tonal color available in older European workshop fiddles. This example sports a medium top grain, two-piece back and a nicely defined scroll. Minor top repairs. Some playing wear. $1,395


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Amati, 1960s, German 4/4. This violin delivers all the sweetness of an Amati in a truly beautiful package. The one-piece maple back is a treasure, the scroll scrumptious and the golden varnish luminescent. It just feels right in your hands. This fiddle has a very quick response across all strings and a respectable low end. One nearly indiscernable top repair. $1,275


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Stradivarius, circa 1920, Czech 4/4. This is a nicely made and excellent sounding European violin. Beautiful flame on back, skillful scroll, rosewood fittings. Minor wear. Perfect for the advancing classical player. $1,399 with used case.

czech frontczech backczech scroll

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Alberto Bertini, circa 1900, German 4/4. What can I say? This violin has the sound. Loads of growl and depth to spare. Nice flame and fully carved scroll. Several top repairs and minor playing wear. A violin to play and love a whole life long. $1,400


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E. Martin, 1920s, German 4/4. I've never played an E. Martin that didn't sound superb. This violin is no exception and delivers a smooth, mature tone. Made in Saxony in one of the best German workshops, this Strad- pattern example has an attractive two-piece back and marked curl on ribs and neck plus black chasing on scroll. Minor playing wear. $1,500 .



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E. Martin, 1920s, German 4/4. Another E. Martin in excellent condition. Strong midrange voice and big volume. $1,700


emart3 frontemart3 backemart3 scroll

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R.W. McCluskie, No. 374, American, 4/4. McCluskie's name as a gifted luthier is known to a precious few. I want to change that. This fine violin is a work of art from the tip of the scroll to its endpin. Love bee-sting corners? Bam. Love back-plate pins? Bam. Love antiquing and varnish so exquisite you can stare for hours and never miss the time? Bam. This violin, built in 2012, sports a tight-grained top and handsome curly maple back and sides. Its tone is crisp and powerful but not overbright. $5,900 with case



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R.W. McCluskie, No. 378, American 4/4. This exquisite handmade violin has a top table of red spruce and a stunning one-piece back of gorgeously figured red maple. Its tone is rich and warm with a growl that can be dialed in a will. It's a fiddle that reads your mind and knows what you want to do next. How is this possible? Nobody knows, but you will understand the minute you draw a bow across this magnificent instrument. $6,200 with case.


Mcl 378mcl 378 backmcl378scroll

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American, circa 1900 4/4

Guarneri, circa 1920 4/4


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